3D printed Horten HoVII

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And painted,needs a bit of a light sand to remove a couple of ridges.


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Thanks.Another member described them as sci-fi;I prefer fantasy.
I have another Horten,the XVIIIB which was made for me by a different guy.The surface finish is terrible,once I finish this I'll sand it back and use the filler on it,see if I can improve the look of it.
I'll start a HoVXIIIB redux thread.
A coat of Matt varnish.Still needs some wet'n dry,the camera is picking up faults I haven't spotted 🥴


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Thanks guys.
And here it sits with its stable mate,whilst big bro' awaits more sanding and maybe a tad more filler.

I'm not sure how many more of these I'll be able to do.The guy who does the design is,I believe Turkish,and he's an MD.I've tried his email and his Shapeways page,no answer from either.If he made it through he'll have his hands full for the foreseeable future.I've had a quick look for an alternative,no luck so far.


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Hadn't heard from him for weeks,and up he pops!He hasn't time to finish the HoIX(229) so he's sending me one he prepared earlier(blue Peter anybody 😁)
This pic is from Luft46,it's the HoXIIIB,a single seat jet fighter that was still in the design phase at the war's end.
The Horten brothers had already successfully flown a glider prototype.


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