How much would you pay ?

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May 20, 2023
Found many similar items to this one for sale on a website - asking price was $930.oo !!
What would you be wiling to pay for a nicely mounted piece of hardware ?


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And for only 800 € i personally make one to any aircraft instrument.
A taste of my mastership below. Worth every 800€ i say.


And for 1000€ you get 2 holes and 1 free!!

Take a random piece of metal and nail it to a random piece of wood, toss your creation in the back of the garage. Place whatever you would be willing to pay for some worthless old instrument in your top pocket (say $930). Whenever you see a veteran, or group of veterans invite them for a meal, listen to whatever they say for as long as they speak, place the $930 on the table and walk away, never ever speak a word about it to anyone. While veterans from all countries suffer financial hardship and loneliness, people paying ridiculous prices for "memorabilia", much of which is fake, makes me puke. You cannot buy association to the brave.

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