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Jan 22, 2023
I'm not sure if this or a firearms forum is the correct place to ask this, so I'll start with you as it's more related to aircraft-operated weaponry. - Specifically, helicopters.
This....... (is it a) Huey (as it lacks side doors) is sporting some unique looking launchers and they could be useful for my custom CROWS II turret I made with a little help from Payday 2's SWAT turret. But I need to know these rocket launcher's basis. Any ideas?
Bear in mind, I'm not an aviations person, I'm a heavy equipment operator. So I have to go with my wild guesses on what military armies favor in their vehicular arsenals.
And since it also sported an army paint job with army logos, I have to assume it's a Huey for now until I can find something more concrete.

SUPII chopper launchers1.jpg
SUPII chopper launchers7.jpg
SUPII chopper launchers10.jpg
SUPII chopper launchers16.jpg
SUPII chopper launchers13.jpg
Yep .. that's not the Huey but looks like the Eurocopter AS.350 B3 or C/D variant also known as AStar or AStar III in the USA. The helicopter belonged to the Eurocopter Écureuil/Fennec family.


the source: the net.
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No one has answered why the AS.350 is wearing US and Army mkgs. Maybe a movie shoot?

Definitely, a movie shoot. The markings on that helicopter are not standard US Army markings today.

The Army today does not have yellow bands or high vis colors. Nor does it use roundels or white lettering. Army helicopters are simply OD green with black "United States Army" painted on it.
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