Hurricanes in the CBI - Looking for Information

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Jan 21, 2007
Near Portland, OR
I'm looking for information on the versions and arrival dates for the different models of Hurricanes used against Japan.

I know the first Hurricanes arrived just before the fall of Singapore and were thrown into that couldron. The ones that survived were used in the defense of Sumatra. The rest served in Burma and India.

Different sources give the mark of the first Hurricane differently. I have seen sources quote Mk Is, Mk IIas, and Mk IIbs. I believe they were actually IIBs with four guns removed to make them more manueverable. I've read an account in an Osprey book about the first Mk IIbs arriving in Rangoon (it appears part of the first shipment went to Singapore and the other part went to Rangoon). The first thing they did was strip out 4 guns to make them lighter.

This may be where all the confusion about marks comes from. Those not completely familiar with the sub-marks might conclude that a Hurricane with 8X .303s was a Mk I, or those not familiar with what was done in the field might conclude that an 8 gun Mk II would be a IIa.

It looks like the IIc was the primary work horse of the theater, but when did they arrive and in what quantities? I believe the IId and Mk IV were also used in small quantities.

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i've yet to find a good site on it but i've no doubt someone will have one, in the meantime yes the M.IIc was the workhorse of the theatre.........
I've heard about Bloody Shambles. I would like to get the series, but even at discount on Amazon, they are $37 each. I was able to find one used copy of Volume 2 for $20, which I ordered. I don't have the money to buy the rest at this time.

Finding any information on the CBI can be tough. It seems to be the least documented theater of the war.


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