I have solar power. Do you?

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Mar 16, 2014
If inside a structure, NEC does require a smoke or heat detector above the battery (it can be a few feet to one side, as long as it is near enough to capture any emissions from the battery). Code also requires drywall to be between the battery and any wall made of flammable material, with a drywall "cap" above to block flames from any structural members above the battery (the smoke/heat detector is normally mounted on the underside of this "cap".

Mounting it against a concrete wall does not need drywall between the battery & wall, of course.


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And that photo doesn't fill me with confidence in whoever installed it - National Electrical Code requires at least 3' lateral separation between gas meters and electrical equipment (which includes batteries)!
Yeah, that layout doesn't look good.

Aside from the distance to the gas main, the EMT courses are sketchy with few supports and no real separation from the units (almost laying against the enclosures).

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