Identify these British aircraft

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Jun 4, 2005
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Here are three pics of RAF aircraft.

What are they?

Bonus points if you can identify where they are. ( I know the location, but not the types)


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ok in the last picture, the aircraft on the left of the runway are Shackletons, to the right of the runway Canberras, and the large bombers are, i'm gonna say Valiants, they're not out in Aden are they?
Not Aden.

Also note the "dome" on the nose of the Shackletons.

Bonus points if you know what they were for. It might give you a clue for their location.
High 5 for Glider! Well done "ole chap".

These aircraft were deployed to Christmas Island in the Central Pacific to support the British nuke tests in the early 50's
Valiants dropped the first (british) atomic bombs

Here are some more.

PHOTO1 - Valiant WZ366 (49 Squadron) was the first RAF aircraft to drop an atomic bomb, on 11 October 1956 at Maralinga Australia, during 'Operation Buffalo'. The aircraft was captained by Sqn Ldr T. Flavell.

PHOTO2 - The Valiant (WZ366) which dropped Britain's first atomic bomb at Maralinga, Australia, on 11th October 1956.

PHOTO3 - XD818, the Valiant which dropped Britain's 'H' bomb at Christmas Island, on 15th May 1957, in its special overall white finish.

PHOTO4 - The aircraft that dropped Britain's first H-bomb, Vickers Valiant B, 1 XD818 of No. 49 Squadron. It is seen at Christmas Island in November 1958 at the conclusion of the tests, ready for the return flight to England which it made via Honolulu, the USA. and Canada


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