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Airman 1st Class
Sep 27, 2004
Sorry I have been one so long....My computer had a complete meltdown and it took me 3 months to save to get a new system
lol....I had serious puter withdraw.....picked a dell xps 400 with all the bells and whistles, so far it's a good system and works very fast
question for anyone....my prior computer had a serious meltdown, light blue smoke came out and I damn near panicked (THAT was intersting getting it shutdown too!!)....I think a power surge got it, since many of you have more experience than I, any ideas what caused this? I have a surge suppresser and battery back up in use as before....
One thing I learned, I now have a small electrical fire extingisher next to my desk.....
I agree with Les on this, sounds like the power supply went poof. Unfortunately, a battery backup and surge arrestor won't help when that happens. Keep in mind that most electrical fires will go out once you kill the power to the effected equipment. Also don't let the extinguisher give you a sense of security. Extinguishers should only be used on small fires, or to clear a path to safety.
It was a interesting 10 seconds or so!!!! lol
I'll bet. Dan raised another issue with extinguishers. Yes, they will put out the fire, but they leave a terrible mess. Alot of the dry chemical extinguisher stuff is quite corrosive too. In the CAF, they teach us that unless the pilot is in danger, do NOT use the extinguisher. That crap gets everywhere and when left in metal areas, corrosion starts.

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