Inquiry regarding two servicemen and their planes

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Mar 3, 2007
Hello. On the recommendation of DerAdlerIstGelandet I am posting my initial inquiry into details about two relatives and their planes. Now while I admit I am truly excited about finding out details specifically of them and their time in Papua New Guinea I am also curious about the B17E and A-20 Havoc they flew during the war. I have found several sites which outline the specifications of those planes but if there were some photos of those planes in New Guinea during the war that would be interesting for me as well. Thanks in advance for all you might be able to help in this endeavor.

Here are a few web addresses which host some of the information I have collected thus far. I have come up blank on any photos of Clinton or Daniel during their service.

Details on the crash on December 2, 1942:

Details on Clinton:

First, here is the link to Daniel's plane (A-20G-30) and crash:

Details on Daniel:

Photo of airfield where the accident occurred. Apparently still in use today for light aircraft.

Details of Daniel's final mission:
I believe, the target Smith's A-20 attacked was: (according to USAAF Combat Chronology) P-47s and A-20s hit troop concentrations, communications and various other targets in the Wewak and Hansa Bay areas
I have an email into each of those groups to see if anyone has past details. I also bought the 312BG DVD to see what I can find. Thank you so much.
Best of luck finding the info. Some of the associations can be a little slow to respond, but the usually do.I will keep an ear out for anything else on those 2 groups.
Let me know if I can be of assistance to you.

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