Is CC a bloke?

Is Chedder Cheese a bloke?

  • No, he's a woman.

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  • I'm not quite sure.

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  • He's probably Canadian, to be honest. So, no.

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  • No, he's French.

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  • He's needle dick the bug f*cker

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Lieutenant Colonel
Apr 1, 2004
You said it was open for debate...
Right, what little f*ckers gonnna admit to putting that. Im cool with must stuff, but French? The little shit is gonna pay. Bastard.

*Note. This was a joke. Im not really angry with you. ;)
Hey, I didn't say you were French. I put "I'm not quite sure" - I thought of putting homo. Alright, which arse said "Yes"?
I suspected it might be you. Typical of an arse to put "Yes" for this question. You could have just not voted. I mean c'mon, you don't actually you're allowed a right to vote do you? Human rights don't apply to women, they're not people like everyone else, but you DD.
Yeah, he's French-Canadian really.
I had to put the Canada option in. I had given Canada a lot of credit for the war. It looked like I was going soft on them. :lol:
Im watching you guy, very closely... :rolleyes:

(I know, theres huge potential there to reinforce the homo statement ;) )


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