Italian model kits

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cheddar cheese

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Does anyone know a good site for getting plastic model kits of Italian planes? I wanna have my own Regia Aeronautica in my room..hehe :)

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Ill have to buy some when I get some more money.

I just spent the last hour drawing a Fiat G.56, Ill scan it in and put it up later I think.
The only italian plane in my arsenal is the Macchi 202 i posted, it was my first airbrushed plane... the stores here don't have the italeri macchi 205 i want and the other italian fighters.... :( the most common brands here are Tamiya, Academy, Italeri and Trumpeter. There are some Revell and Hasegawa kits sometimes... and dragons
See what I can find... 1/72nd...

Nardi FN305
Macchi C205
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Macchi C202
Macchi C202

Those are the results of a quick scan of the Squadron mail order catalogue - 2000 Squadron - Your Online Hobby Shop: Mail Order Military Scale Plastic Models and Books - I have left out those which are so ancient as to be useless, such as the Airfix SM79, if a more recent, better one is available. Bear in mind that many of these are short-run, and will not be that easy to make! I recommend the Italeri ones first - they are good value, and well engraved, etc.
The Supermodel line includes lots of interesting italian aircraft; I have almost their full model line in store and they're now out of sales; I was planning to sell some on e-bay. Would you like a list of what I have Cheddar Cheese? think there are Reggianes, CANT seaplanes, etc.
Thanks guys but its ok...I've had a few kits for about a year now but I dont really model any more I have no time, so ill make the ones I have at some point and then stop I think...
Referring to the blueprints in the Aero Detail book about the Mc200/202/205 series, it looks like the Hasegawa Mc202 kit is the best for a good basis for a 202 or a 205 as well; one wing needs to be cut and lengthened though, cos wingspan was asymmetrical to counter engine torque. Making a 205 mainly requires to use the lower engine cowling part and cylindrical oil radiators from a Supermodel 205, as well as wing cannons.
speaking of italian a/c--does anyone know of a kit of the Savoia-Marchetti 75 (S.M. 75) transport. am mainly interested in 1/72. have ckecked quite a few sites, but, no luck. don't know if is just my luck or if this plane is so rarely modelled. any help appreciated.
Hi !!!

As I remember there was produced a vacuform Savoia-Marchetti 75 kit by the BROPLAN only.It it is an old kit and I think it won't be easy to find this.
nice idea cedar...about having your own mini airforce. :D I wanted to do that with luftwaffe und RAF but no luck yet... no time either... :(
Good luck in that. Don't forget to post photos of the planes for those of us that don't have the ability to create our own. I just like to collect the images of things such as models of planes, tanks and aircraft as well as photos of those things.
Hi people, you saw: Italeri (1/72) will make the Caproni the Italian bomber of WWI, I'm very happy for this.

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