I've lost the tirpitz!!!

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
can anyone see the tirpitz in this pic, the source said it's in the top right, i've circled something but i think it's too big............


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no it can't be 2 big cuz the tripitz is a battleship compare to the destroyers(which u c those 3 lines at the left of the blue circle), it might actully be 2 small, but the blue circle is 2 big
I have no idea, but you have to give it to the people studying the pictures in those days. And the PR pilots, the sight on them was amazing.
Great pic, by the way lanc.
Amazing!! 60 years and you British are still obsessed with where that ship is!! :D
At least we sunk it. Contray to what some AMERICAN documentary claimed. The USS Iowa sunk it in the Atlantic, apparently. :lol:
well it must be in these somewhere!!! and thanks for the help, parhaps i could take it to a fate, find the ship and win a prize.............
I know the plane is a lancaster, i'm just looking for the tirpitz which is in there somewhere..............

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