Jerry Johnson's P-38

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From the History Channel forum where I initially found out about this incident:

As for the incident with Johnson, he painted the "kill" on his aircraft immediately after the incident was confirmed. To quote Geoffery Pentland, RAAF Colours and Markings 1939-45. Vol 1 (page 70):

"It is a matter of historical fact that the pilot responsible for this act, a well known ace from an even better known US fighter group, later sported an Australian flag in the middle of his victory scoreboard, until its removal was ordered to help in defusing a near-riot situation which had developed between certain Australian and American air units at this time."

At the time RAAF aircraft were "loitering" near Johnson's airfield and death threats against him, and his squadron as a whole, were being made.

Whatever his reason for displaying the Aussie flag on his scoreboard (it may have been a sort of reminder of his mistake, as Mertox suggests), his arrogant refusal to remove it led to a very nasty situation.
I don't think he did it out of spite, and I'm sure he wouldn't have done it if the pilot had been killed. He probably had it painted on to poke fun at himself.

Haven't you ever said or done something to a friend in jest, and them not get it and even take offense? You then feel about 3 inches high? (I know I have)

The fact is he was a brave man and gave his life so others could live (read the short bio I initially posted). Sure he mad a mistake once, but don't we all.
In the book Peter 38 it was stated he bought the guy a case of scotch. It seems he felt bad for his actions and believe he did remove the flag later in the war...
The book (Peter 38 ) also mentions that any time Aussies came around Johnson would disappear, obviously embarrassed by his actions...

PS - notice I separated the "8" and the ")". If not I would of gotten a 8) !!!
There are 2 photos in the book "Peter 38." The fist one clearly shows the Aussie flag painted in the middle of his scoreboard, 25 kills if you count the Aussie. In a second photo Johnson is standing be another -38 named "Barbara," the Aussie flag is gone and 24 kills are shown, the photo is captioned early summer 45'.

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