JetBlue A320 in trouble

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I just caught sight on the news of an airbus A320 in touble. The nose gear is not fully down and is turned to the side. It is currently flying over long beach burning off fuel. Expected to land sometime around 6 PM PDT.

More to follow...
Outstanding! I can't believe it held, and did not cause the airplane to veer to either side. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I sure would like to shake that pilot's hand. He did a GREAT job! :salute: :thumbleft:
They had an excellent pilot and a well built plane. I've seen the video of the landing. It was amazing, that pilot needs really knows what he's doing.
Yesterday must of been a bad day for airliners......

Just got off the phone with my father in law, as many of you know he flies for United. He was flying a Ted route...

Leg 1 - Lightning strike, blew a panel off an engine cowl
Leg 2 - Barely got on the ground, landed in 45 knot X wind, the Max for an A320!
Leg 3 - 31,000 feet RAPID DECOMPRESSION! His plane blew an outflow valve!

Leg 4 - Went back to Leg 2, had to do a go around due to severe wind shear +-50 knots on final!

And just think, he retires in a year!
evangilder said:
That should be fun! Speaking of those airplanes, are you guys coming out to Mugu?

I'm glad you asked - yea, we're planning on it, I was going to PM you and give you details.

One of my partners moved my airplane to Camarillo, the 150 with the flames. He parks it in front of the cafe, it's for sale.

I'll get back and give you details.....

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