JG 300.

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Yawzer what is that emblem ? Somebodys very interesting intrepretation.

GT I have a ton of info on the unit and the newly translated book from French to English are due out this year, with the first volume in April/May.

Several of the pilots of III./JG 300 are in our book covering their anti-Mossie operations.

here is abetter config of the Wilde Sau emblem


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of course..........

they will also be covered in the 2nd volume of the above books I mentioned.

by the way your Sturmstaffel 1 symbol is copyrighted by the author Barry Smith who is almost through with writing his huge book on Sturmstaffel 1.
for the two volumes you will have to go to:


click the P-47 image and go to Library of Eagles and find the full page with image of the cover of volume 1 by the two Frenchmen.
I do not beleive they will be signing any copies. Purchasing the more expensive volumes with the bookplates is optional.

JG 301 lost 20 KIA and 8 WIA on 14 January as they were intercepted before they could get to the US bomber formations. The first Dora 9 was also lost from the Geschwader Stab.

JG 300 attacked the US bomber pulks with devastating accuracy but were also taken out by US escorts

E ~
What about books relating true sorries talled by Pilots... Flight storries... I would be verry interested in reading such a book... Could you give me some refference titles? I haven't read a good WW2 aviation book in ages... :)
as I said wait for the two JG 300 volumes to come out and then purchase them. you will find many first person accounts. If can read German of course any of the well known Dr. Jochen Prien titles on the individual Luftwaffe fighter histories will get you going. Search them out. JG 1 and 11 in 3 volumes, JG 27 in 3 volumes, JG 3 in 4 volumes, JG 53 in ? volumes, JG 77 in ? volumes. Don Caldwell's JG 26 multi-volumes. Dora 9 covering the III./JG 54 late war into IV./JG 26 by Eagle editions. A big expensive book but worth it.

back to 14 January 1945. The US 390th bg lost 9 B-17's to JG 300 although the German unit claimed an overly high score of some 30 bombers shot down. German losses from JG 300 were terrible !

v/r E.

by the way blue 13 shown is just one of three different configs that ace Walter Dahl flew in JG 300 in Geschwader Stab. A very interesting chap. Hios wingman flying blue 14 was ace Walter Loos who later went into JG 301 to fly the Ta 152 in Stab of JG 301

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