My favorite: JG 301/302 "Wilde Sau"

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Dec 9, 2007
Revis Island.
Hi guys,

I just wanted to show you guys my favorite WW2 book that I have. Its JG 301/302 "Wilde Sau" by Willi Reschke.

The book basically takes you through a day by day history of the unit including operations, losses, kills, etc. It has plenty of pictures for references and in the back has an appendix with all the kills and losses of the unit.

I put a good 50 dollars into the book but I got a great deal. The JG 300 book is about 110 dollars so that one won't be mine for a while!!

Here are some pictures...


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H ~

just so you remember we have discussed the book in the past, and at the moment the only thing in book form on 301/302 but as I am finding in both the language versions their are errors and literally scenes of combat that were not actually performed. Am hopeful myself over the next 2 years to reformat this work with my own and if anything , add to what Willi has graciously written and put together. not to really put an add for my own work but am going to draw official sources from German as well as the US bomb group and fighter groups to complete the work with pics and profiles never seen elsewhere

E ~
Great book H, but as Erich has stated, there are some innacuracies in Willi's tale.... This should not take away from the body of work though, because it covers are very small part of the Luftwaffe that hasnt really garnered that much support/research...

It is one of my favorite books as well... As u may know Harrison, Erichs cousin Siegfried is listed as one of the KIA...
True Dan, I think I remember one incident when Willi said a 190A-8 but infact it was a 190D (I forget which variant...) I knew about Erich's cousin just never knew he was listed in the book.
yes and Willi printed my cousins A-9 werke nummer incorrectly it should read 206085 not 260085. November 26, 1944 will fill you in JG 301 as a whole lost if you can believe this and it is horrid, some 64 Fw 190A's. a figure the Geschwader never did fully recover from. also a gripe of mine as there is no real coverage of I and II gruppe during 1945 after January 14th, Willi and yes I know the book is really about his service excludes this and goes into coverage but not fully of the Ta 152H variants.

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