Our Might Always - History of 355FG WWII - Vol I - my new book is done after 30 years

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Jun 28, 2006
Scurry, Texas
Schiffer Publications has sent my book to printing and it will be physically available shortly. The link is Schifferbooks.com - search on New Release or "Our Might Always". More than 30 years of continued and deep research after I released Angels, Bulldogs and Dragons

More than 500 pages, approximately 700 images (most never published) plus 50 side elevation of 355FG Thunderbolts and Mustangs.

Combat diary format for every mission flown with as many as 12 pages for certain missions highlighting the primary combat units and adversaries engaged with each other from start to finish. Several of the members of this forum were special contributors and so note in my acknowldegments, as well as the website.

There is a chapter devoted to a summary overview of the build up of US Strategic forces, the epic struggles with the LW, the introduction of the P-47, P-38 and finally the P-51B to engage and wrest air superiority from the LW in preparation for the Invasion. Within this discussion there are tables to present qtr by qtr contribution of each 8th and 9th AF fighter type with respect to victory credits per USAF Study 85. There is a detailed summary by aircraft within each 8th AF Fighter Group for Victory credits air and ground, losses air and ground related, operational losses and accidents. Also incorporated is the corresponding LW fighter type represented in the air to air victory credits.

Thirty pages are included for aircraft squadron code/serial number for approximately 500 of the 355th FG aircraft including pilots assigned, pilots lost, date, type of loss, comments regarding place, crew chief or disposition if not lost - such as re-assignment to another pilot or re-coded.

There are more than 30 pages with tables for every victory credit by pilot, squadron and date as well as the locations cited in the victory credits for 354 air credits and 508 ground credits.

26 pages of detail concerning the loss data for every MIA, KIA, POW and Evadee for the 355th FG, the Scout Force (Experimental) and Second Scout Force - all operating under the TO&E of the 355th.

Then the rest of the book is devoted to topics of interest ranging from 8th AF Fighter Command written "Lessons Learned", detailed view of flight line routine as well as a fighter pilot narrative from wake up, through briefing, take off and assembly all the way through the 355th and 2 SF battle over Misburg on November 26, 1944, the trip home, debriefing and end of the day.

There is a first hand view of the Piggy Back Rescue of my father by Royce Priest, the pilot that saved him; history of the Scout Forces; a detailed narrative looking at the 1st BD, the 355th and 357th FG as well as the LW units engaged from Ulm to Erding, around Munich and then attacking Landsberg and Oberphaffenhofen. Following the route narrative and various engagements there are several tables detailing - LW losses by fighter werk number, pilot and unit, and location; US losses by aircraft, unit, location, serial number; US victory credits by time stamp, pilot, unit, location, a/c type for victory credit as well as the same type Table for LW victory credits. This mission should well illustrate the ability of the LW to place 250+ fighters to attack one Bomb Division over a 200 mile track - escorted by 2 US Fighter Groups composed of 89 effectives at the R/V point.

Last, but not least are 23 pages of 355th TFW accounts of the F-105 missions and mission profiles - an Introduction for Volume II.

For those that purchase the book, it is my sincere desire that you find great value as a research tool.
To all of you - Thank you.

It has been 30 years of deep dives, tangents, starts, pauses, dialogue with other folks like you with deep interest in aircraft and airpower - and finally declaring 'enough is enough' on the aircraft serial numbers, photos, researching encounter reports and Macrs and squadron histories... I was Never satisfied with Angels, Bulldogs and Dragons limitations on length and photos.

Schiffer never placed restrictions once they bought into the depth of this book. I will take a deep breath before I dive into 355th TFW in Viet Nam but I have a good start on it as I have completed everything but the combat Diary and photo collection


Bill Marshall

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