JG57 A CFS1 Virtual Combat Squad is Recruiting.

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~S~ Gentlemen,
Jagdgeschwader57 Virtual Combat Squadron is one of the few CFS1 active squads in the Virtual skies. We are currently in battle with an allied squad, ("The Allied Air Corp") which is a new CFS1 squad made up of CFS1 Veterans. Our squad no longer flies the stock M$ junk aircraft. We have a large inventory created by the best designers in the CFS community. We strive to fly aircraft that most closely reflect true flight characteristics within the boundarys of CFS1. We also have expanded our scenery options to cover the whole of the Eoropean Theater of war.
We are looking for pilots to fly with us. If you like the to fly Luftwaffe aircraft, enjoy multiplayer competition and the thrill of the kill. You are invited to fly with JG57 as a member or a guest.
The address to our forum is:
And you can contact me for more information:
Our meetings, training and battles are normaly scheduled for 12:00 noon New York time. That way pilots from the U.S. and across the pond have less problems attending.

Generaloberst Rall
Commanding Officer
If I weren't up to my eyes with project work for CFS3, I'd maybe even try it out. CFS1 was good fun - as long as you threw out all that rubbish stock stuff, you're absolutely right.
If I weren't up to my eyes with project work for CFS3, I'd maybe even try it out. CFS1 was good fun - as long as you threw out all that rubbish stock stuff, you're absolutely right.

~S~ Herr ndicki,

Maybe this would be a good time to take a little brake from your projects and just have some fun. I am sure you could afford to take a two hour break once or twice a week just for some extra fun.

IL-2, ag! Doesn't even begin to come close. And anyway, what can you do with it? Nothing. Closed architecture. When Oleg builds in bias, it's there to stay!
That's exactly what it's about; I know some guys have rather slow computers but that's not the case of most, and not myself particularly. I have a GeForce 6800 GS on my main computer and it supports all latest Dx9 features of course.
The main reason why playing CFS1 is its open architecture; almost everything is modifiable by almost any player; from GPS destination lists to entire countries in the scenery, and you can fly anykind of a/c, it takes 2mn to install a new one. Which means it takes only a few minutes to install a whole lot of a/c, scenery and utilities to play with a given squad on almost any TO. And if you check the attached screeny, you'll notice that the best addon models are far more complex and advanced than original stock, thanks to more recent hardware, new design programs, and designers.

As a conclusion; if the aircraft and TO you're looking for are not available for IL2 or CFS3, then re-install CFS1, you'll be able to fly what you want or make it yourself. It's just a matter of what you're looking for as a flightsim.

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The same goes for CFS2 and 3 - from the box, they're nothing special, but if you take a bit of time and trouble, and team up with other people who have other skills, you can do some fantastic stuff!

When all is said and done, I think maybe those who want to play "from the box" turn towards IL-2, while the tweakers and modders go for the CFS series.

to give you an example, I had Southern African scenery for CFS2 which I built myself.
My feeling is CFS1 and CFS3 (and other recent combat flight sims) are like the difference between 1/72nd and 1/32nd scale in modelling; at 1/72, you'll find thousands of models, almost everything that flew anywhere in the world; models are small, you can have lots of them in your showcase; this is CFS1.
At 1/32nd scale, models are more detailed, but will take more time to build and more room to store. You have to focus a bit more on a particular subject or theater of operations. This is more like CFS3, and, typically, will also apply more and more to future sims; more powerful PCs, more details, more animated parts or characters, more complexity, more things to cope with.
For example, materials in recent car sims are more complex than in CFS3 from what I could notice on CFS3 sample models; they often use 4 texture types for each material (diffuse, specular, bump and reflection), and it takes ages to build a single model for recent games...
So I think I like both: flying anything I want anywhere in an old sim, and making nice 'flying scale models' for a more advanced sim.

I do the same with cars by the way: play old sims for fun and develop stuff on most recent ones.:)
I think I'd agree with that - except that I'd go with CFS2 rather than 1, so say 1/48th! CFS3 is really coming along, in fact, although the public - including yourself - actually does not know what we're doing... Soon, there will be a deluge of new models, you'll see - a bit like the revival of 1/32nd with Hasegawa, revell, Azur, Special Hobby, etc!
...Good analogies guys. ...1/48th was always my fave size. The point 'bout moders (CFS Series) box players (IL-2) seems also generally true. Added to this are the concerns of aircraft that have been 'modded' to provide 'advantages' during multi-play...

Besides having a lot of time, money, as you fellas do, invested in my fav combat sim, CFS2, CFS2 seems to offer advantages not mentioned by you fellas, sitting on both sides of my fence:

CFS2 Vs CFS1 >> CFS1 offers me no possibility of 'eye candy'... Newer planes, designed for FS-2002/4 or CFS-2/3 can not be imported, period. To be honest, the flight model is missing too much as well.

CFS2 Vs CFS3 >> CFS3 aircraft scenery additions are 'hindered' by the fact the game's 'visual engine' is different than MS's other flight sims. Out of the box the 'view-points' are lousy, the game is much less 'stable' than CFS-2. FS2002/2004.

With the 'release' of MS FS-X, I feel we all are in a bind; the CFS1 fan has been in a bind since 2002, the CFS2 fan as of now (the aircraft for FS2004 were/are becomming too 'complex' for CFS2 conversion), the CFS3 fan may do best... Here's why... You guys have had to 'create' you own mods from day one. CFS2 modders now must be as 'creative' as CFS3 modders...

I hope your preminition of lots of CFS3 'stuff' being issued is true... But I feel the rebirth of that game, at its 'peak' now, not too much unlike like CFS2 of last year, is dieing. To support CFS3, comercially... to make these 'civil aircraft' function in the cfs-3 'world', which never seemed to happen on any scale close to CFS2 during it's hey-day, it requires a great deal of 'extra' expended effort by the 'creator', dedicated code thier costs, that may not be recovered by issuing 'payware'... I see more and more 'shooters' succumbing to the 'docile' flights remarkable eye candy offered using 'civil sims' as they have some rather remarkable new features included... 'SIMULATE' a COMBAT SIMULATOR (LOL); 'droppable' stores that dissapear, effecting no simworld damage, or 'shootable guns missles' that never find thier simworld mark.

Actually, one of the reasons why there are not many new releases at the moment ( well, there are, actually - there's just been a Gladiator and an HS123 from Groundcrew, start with that!) is that most of the known talent is concentrating on MAW, OFF Part 2 and BoF - ie, Med Air War, Over Flanders Fields (WW1), and the Battle of France. There is an active Luftwaffe 1946 team, too - just got a Natter for Beta testing - and an Eastern Front crew, who've just sent me their La-5 beta for testing and eventually skinning. MAW and OFF part 2 will be released not as dribs and drabs, but as entire stand-alone add-ons - which is why even the finished aircraft - most of them - are being held back. New scenery, new areas, new scenery objects, vehicles, you name it.

There is a lot of activity, but as the models are more complex, it takes time.

To give you an idea, today I've been working on updating Viso's MS406, and checking over an MB 151 and 152. I've also got a PZL P-24 to finish skinning... Lots to do!
Don't forget the CFS3 flight equations are far superior to the CFS2 FM which is far superior to the CFS1 FM.

But, all are a blast to fly.

Unfortunately, as many suspected, the IL-2 FM's from testing, are very poor and there is a bias towards certain aircraft.
Unfortunately, as many suspected, the IL-2 FM's from testing, are very poor and there is a bias towards certain aircraft.

Oh, what a relief to see that I am not the only one round here who does not worship Oleg!
JG 57 Rall, I don't play CFS 1 anymore, but if you need any realistic data for modelling gun power, check my website:

Back to my homepage

I know some parts of my formula are arbitrary, but they approach history a lot better than the unrealistic gun power in CFS1. For instance a Hurricane with 8 Brownings .303 would have more firepower according to CFS1 then the same aircraft with 4 20mm Hispano's.:confused:

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