Jug camo ?

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May 20, 2004
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ok experten, anyone have a clue on this. 365th fg pilot of the 9th AF and his Jug. what colour on the Bubbletop for camo on the fuselage ?


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here is another Jug from the saem fg for comparison. maybe it is just the pic being dark . . . . thoughts guys/gals ??

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The Jug shown in the first image is 'Ready Teddy' from the 388th FBS/FS and flown by Lt. Charles Ready Jr.

It would be bare metal with an anti-glare panel fore and aft of the cockpit. The anti-glare was more than likely OD. The painted area below the cockpit would be medium blue and there was most likely a thin band of the same color around the middle of the cowling.

The ship in the second shot was was from the 387th FBS/FS and was flown by Capt. Edward F. Boles who was from Mineola, NY, which is not too awful far from me. Capt. Boles was KIA on June 30th, 1944. This ship possibly had a yellow band around the middle of the cowling.

The first image can be found on the Hell Hawks site. Where's the second one from?

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thank you gents and yes it is bare aluminum. Boath pics are very old and I have copies. the Hellhawks site needs a massive update as much of it is old news. Not sure why no-one- webmaster has kept it up to date. Emails to the pilots are discontinued for one. the cowling bands actually changed from Janaury 45 to spring of 45. the reason why I am wanting a handle on this is a purpose for my US AF agasint the Luftwaffe jets. have Hess's book on ths ubject from the 90's and to tell you the truth my opinion makes it just plain awful......

will be chatting with G. Wagasky very soon so I can get a positive as to when the id band colours changed(and they did) for 1945 and post here, myabe he will be kind enough to send me a sample photo . . . .


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