Kick ass Video Hell Yeah!

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
A bit big, but this one kicks ASS! I got this one at Grouchymedia ( If you haven't been there, and you have broadband, you have to check out their videos! A must see is Die Terrorists Die. The site is full of great videos.

Enjoy! I know I did


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hell yeah... amazing clip man... (nice music too... :)) I'm now checking out the wesite... looks interesting... Thx
Sure, but the closest to an M60 I could obtain would be a C9 (M-249 SAW).
You pick up the air fare, and I'll be on me way over! ;)
Well let me work on my excuse. :-k

"Yeah, Chief? Yeah, any chance I can get a day or two's leave this week?
I wanna fly over to the UK to shoot some fella up the ass. Waddya say, huh?" :lol:

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