Kills on each of our signatures, what does that mean?

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Hold on a mo CC ;) it wasn't that long ago you and some of your cohorts where jumping up and down like Carl Lewis with a flubber jockstrap, on how many posts you had each.
You little tinkers whats the difference :lol:
Nah I thnk not...

I have:
School Trainers
Work Trainers
Best Trainers
Walking Boots
Army Boots
Parade Shoes
Suit Shoes
Flip Flops

And for Christmas im buying me some Chucks...
CC's the woman, look at that list of shoes! i have:

1 pair of trainers
1 pair of wellies that i have to have for the farm
1 pair of British army Mk.4 assult boots

and that's it.......

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