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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
Volunteering at an aviation museum that sits on a pretty active airport has it's advantages. One is I get to be around all these airplanes. The other is I get to put 2 hobbies together, aviation and photography. Thanks to, I can post the pictures up for viewing and for sale! If you guys want to check them out, they are at:

Click on the pic for a larger view. At the top, you can select small, medium or large photos. The large ones are almost all at 1600 width, height varies.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.
Yes, there were three at the show last year. I only got pictures of 2 of them. But they ae some real good looking Cessnas! I uploaded about 20 more last night. They will be posted some time this afternoon. I added a coupel of more Zero shots, the N9M, Corsair and another Mustang. Can remember what else at the moment. I am still editting some SeaFury shots.

QB-35 is coming up in a couple of weeks, June 13. So I will be getting some more shots. I am hoping to see some things that I haven't seen yet.
New pics are up. I have added an SNJ-5, Yak-3, more Zero pics, Skyraider, N9M, P-51D "Red Dog XII", and 4 Corsair shots. I am editting some seafury and B-17 shots to go up next week. Feel free to have a look.

*End of shameless plug, I now resume normal posting...
The Planes of Fame museum in Chino owns the Flying Wing. I will be seeing it again in another couple of weeks. The QB fly in is coming up and it is usually out for that event.
Thanks trackend! There are now 91 pics up. I added a B-25 nose shot, DiamondStar DA-40, Fiesler Storch, Hawker Hurricane, C-46 Commando, another SNJ-5 shot, Pitts S2c aerobatic plane, an EC-121T (militarized constellation), C-131D, P-38L, Navions, Nanchang CJ-6a, Piper L4F Grasshopper, yet another Mustang, Yak-52, 2 more shots of the RAF Mustang "Cottonmouth", 2 more Bearcat shots, several B-17 shots, and a couple of B-24 shots. Phew! That should be it for a couple of weeks.

QB-35 is coming on the 13th of June. I am hoping to get out and get some more good shots then.

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