Looking for Missing PBY in Adak, Alaska....

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One of my best friends found out his Uncle went missing in a PBY up and around Adak, Alaska, during the War... Info is kinda limited, and I have already exhausted all my leads....

Heres what I got....

His name is Drummond, an Officer in the US Navy... Not sure if he was a pilot.... PBY went missing Adak, never found... Not sure of the year or season... Possible (probability 40%) Winter 1944.... Supposedly there were 2 PBY's that went missing.... Not sure if same incident/year/squadron.....

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.... Im hoping RLeonard has something on this...
Do you know for sure he was Navy? The Army and the Coast Guard also flew PBYs. Here is one that closely matches what you are looking at:

Date of incident: 27 November 1943
Crash related deaths:
ENS Charles E. Johnson

Air Station the aircraft and/or crew were assigned to:
Commanding Officer of Unit 64, LORAN Monitoring Station, Adak, Alaska

Aircraft type and tail number:
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina 08118 (U.S. Navy)

Location of the incident: Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Description of the incident: Ensign Johnson was on Flight Orders while engaged in running baselines for the then Top Secret LORAN navigation system. The PBY-5A being used for those tests was attempting to land at Dutch Harbor during poor weather conditions when the fatal crash occurred. After readying the aircraft for a water landing, the pilot proceeded to make a normal approach, but was unaware of the height of the ground swells on the bay. Immediately after contacting the water, the aircraft nosed into a ground swell and broke apart at the pilot's compartment. The wing broke off and the plane filled with water and sank. Two others died in the crash
I was just looking at a website called pacificwrecks.com and there was a guy that was talking about discovering the nose piece of a Catalina at about the 1300-1500 ft level on the back side of MT. Moffett, the island's most prominent mountain. He wrote that all that he could find was the nose piece and that he figured that the plane had crashed high up on the mountain and the nose had rolled down to it's present position. I encourage you to look up the guy from that site and research what he'd found.

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