Luftwaffe Ace Heinz "Johnny" Schmidt

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Dec 27, 2005
Hello Gentlemen,
Im looking for bio infos and a picture of Oak Leaves Heinz "Johnny" Schmidt, with 174 victorys in Eastern Front (MIA in 1943)

Thx in advance
Ok, its home site but if you'll click on:

"Folhas Carvalho" you find a list with Heinz Schmidt...
Hello Guys,
One question:
In the picture of Der Adler , the name of pilot is SchmiTT, but the name that´s i have is SchmiDT. What is the correct ???
Thx in advance
the photo that Eagle has posted has his name in the English as dt says T. this is not unusual as I have seen last names appear in strange ways in the official Luftwaffe mag Der Adler

should be Heinz Schmidt who had 173 kills not 174 missing in action with 2 Soviet fighters in his Bf 109G-6 yellow 7 wrk nummer 15903. As he was a Leutnant he was posthumously given the rank of Hauptmann. Heinz had 700 missions to his credit

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