Luftwaffe Aces

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Dec 27, 2005
Hello Gentlemen,
Im looking for promotion dates,bios and decorations of these officer and aces from Luftwaffe:

Joachim Kirschner
Kurt Brändle
Heinrich Sturm

Thx in advance
Dude man you are going to have to google that stuff.

Trust me it is out there I tried a google search myself just to make sure of it. It is not that we dont want to help you but for something that is so easy just to find yourself I dont see why someone should do it for you.
why do want the information ?

here is a site though some points on some pilots are incorrect, namely the kills

it will get you going on most of your needs, in fact I have written several bios on pilots in Reich defence for Petr

Kacha`s Luftwaffe Page

E ~
Dont take me wrong I am not trying to be a ****, I just dont want to google for someone, if you know what I mean.

I will help everyone and anyone on this site as much as I can, but I will not google for them. :lol:
Hello Gentlemen,
Im already done a search in google. But the infos there are very poor.
Im looking for precision infos, like the complete promotion dates and decorations. Im not found anything when i need.
you still have not bothered to respond as to why you need this info ?? . . . .


this maybe of help, and I have itmes of interst but if you wnt real tight specifics of these men you will have to find the units they served in and if there is a unit history available or write the:

expect a note back . .. .. . possibly
Hello Erich,
Im collecting infos of Luftwaffe Aces to write a book in portuguese about them. Here in Brazil dont exist a good reference book,only some poor articles.
That´s the reason.

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