Luftwaffe training units

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Jul 6, 2006
I am searching any informations concerning the training of the German pilots during WWII.
How many months of training ? what were the differents stages ?

from training to combat units ...

thank you

I may be able to photo copy some books on German pilot training as I have seen many old German books in the museum in which i work.

All i can tell you is that the Germans had to pretty much stay in combat throughout the whole war. They didn't have limited ops like the British did. So they would almost always rack up huge amounts of kills if they survived long enough. It must have been an annoying sight for a 109 pilot in 1944 to see the Spitfire since he could never retire and that the 109 pilot would probably have encountered Spits since the beginning of the war, but of course it bought you experience.

The Spitfire was the least 'wanted-to-fight' plane for those pilots... I'm guessing it's because they keep seeing those Spits. But hmm now it makes me wonder.. was that really the reason why Germans didnt want to see the Spit anymore? :confused:
Actually, the Tempest was the least favorite fighter for the Luftwaffe fighter boys to combat against, not the Spit...

At the latter stages of the War, most of the seasoned vets knew that going on a fighter-bomber sweep meant a few guys not coming home, as the odds were so lopsided that it wasnt uncommon to have 10 Mustangs/Tempests/Spitfires on the @ss of one single 109/190....

Lose ur wingman and ur as good as dead....
the Tempest? Really?? hmm i guess they just plain didnt like getting gang banged.. but hey, who doesn't? Any who, i guess thats why they wanted to fight the P-38 so badly.. by that time, they mostly knew that the Lightning was a pretty tough opponent, and they knew Lightnings were in little quantity and wouldn' gang bang.
your choice of words is s bit off Pop

the Luftwaffe in late war was not threatened by any RAf fighter it was the P-51 Mustang. In reality it is safe to say that no Allied a/c was a problem, the problem was the wealth of Allied escorts and not being able to deal with so many / 10 to 20 to 1 is not very favourable odds on the Luftwaffe side of things
That is true, but the Tempest still encountered a bunch of 262's and from what i heard got 20 of those jets.
Mostly while attacking them either on take off, landing or diving on them while the Me-262 was at low level, but there were still many aircraft that were capable of doing that to a Me-262.
this by the way is getting covered in the piston engine jet kills thread.......RAF had 33 Me 262 jet kills, maybe another 5 Arado 234's in the bag ? Not all were Tempest kills as the spits were on the loose. Adler is correct, nearly all wer on landing or taking off
Yeap that has all been pretty well documented.

I would love though to see a list of 262 kills by what aircraft shot them down. Not sure if something like that is available.

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