Me-110 Revell/Dragon-1/32

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Maybe some one can relate/explain but I just about fooked this one up.I was spraying Light Sheen lacquer on the plane to get ready for decals did not like the texture so buffed with 800grit scotch bright got a weathered look but not what I was going after.I decided to wipe with alcohol and it stripped to the plastic in a couple of areas I was like WTH?It has to be because it was 91% alcohol?I repainted all's good and laid down my usual Future I think I well relegate that stuff to the final fluid through the airbrush on a cleaning!!
Have no idea what may have happened but glad you have managed to sort it. As for the Light Sheen Lacquer, I'd be putting that somewhere were it can do no harm to future builds. :D
Vic it really was the 91% alcohol stuff is just to strong eats everything all's good now.A pic were I am at now used the kit decal for the fuselage ban and have some insignia yellow coming this week will redo the underwing methinks. ;)


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Thanks fellas for all the kind comments and interest.The finish line is not that far off no mail today so no yellow The canopy was a bit of a PIA probably more me than the manufacture I go outside the box/instructions and gets me in trouble but I resolved that issue.I have been touching up the nose decal with black tonight hence the yellow.I like it when you decorate the props just that little more touch.One pic of the port side of the fuse shows a decal that moved but also those ribs numbers not 9 like the 109 but 18. ;)


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Liking it Kevin. Always liked the Wespen.
I am liking it also Andy the kit it not perfect and neither am I but she will do.I have the old Revell kit in the Nacht Fighter scheme that the Quintas would help out immensely while not 100% accurate for app it would work to overcome those throwbacks in the day. ;)
Getting close to finish on this one might notice a little panel line work on the outer R/wing don't know if I proceed
The antenna is done and those ASK decals for the swastikas are thin and brittle 4 to get 2.


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