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Dec 22, 2006
Hello everybody. I'm new. 8)

I've been playing this game for a good while and I've always been very interested in the Me-262. The trouble is, is that the only type of fighting I'm good at is turn burn. Contrary to what planes I'd be better off flying, I've been trying the Me-262 A1 lately. I read in the Aircraft Guide that you must not fight using your maneuverability and you should always keep your speed above 550 km/h. The problem I have with that is I have the hardest time keeping it above 550 km/h. Any movement I make seems to deplete my speed so much that I have to make ridiculously slow turns. And trying to catch the tail of a P-51 while doing that is impossible.
Another problem I have is that if I try to zoom boom I find it very hard to climb fast enough so that the P-51 is far enough below me. The difference between our altitudes always seems too little for me to "zoom", let alone "boom".

I need help on how to fly! I really want to be good in my favorite plane! :cry:
This is just my opinion, but . . .

Unfortunately, the Me-262 is not terribly maneuverable, even with the leading-edge slats. And, yes, you need to keep your speed up or you'll be Mustang fodder; a Mustang (or, for that matter, any other prop-driven fighter) can turn inside of a -262 all day. In WWII, the -262 only got into trouble when it would slow down and try mix it up with the Allied fighters; when it kept it's speed up just used hit-and-run tactics, it was almost unbeatable.

You're gonna have to learn how to use hit-and-run tactics to be successful with the -262; and, yes, you'll only have a second or two to line up your shot loose off a few rounds. Otherwise, if you slow down, you'll get bounced.

Good luck!
The 262 in IL2 is very difficult to manage.
It takes to be very tactical and forget about arcade play, you should NEVER be so slow to extend slats in combat!

Use joystick like the wheel of a car when driving on ice, always sweet and never sharp.

Here is some advice for a typical mission from a guy who is an 'online experten' on the 262 (curiously his nick is 'meteor')

0) always load 100% of fuel
1) select left engine
2) swith on left engine
3) unselect left engine
4) wait 10 seconds;
5) select right engine;
6) swith on right engine
7) unselect right engine;
8) select all engines
9) wait 10 seconds, while you set flap on landing
10) VEERY slowly bring throttle to 100% whlie holding brakes (B)
11) release brakes, take off and fly straight at low level (do NOT climb or turn now)
12) close gear and flaps, at 280 Kmh reduce throttle to 85%, always fly straight and low to build speed
13) at 400 Kmh bring throttle to 90%
14) at 500 Kmh bring throttle to 94% and start climbing sweetly, try to not lose speed. You gain height with speed, not with AoA
15) in cruise hold 94% throttle because above 95% you trail smoke and you may be spotted (if flying online, of course) use 100% only when it doesn't matter if they see you (i.e. when you press the attack)
16) take your time to pick and destroy enemies, do not hurry. Nobody can attack you as long as you maintain speed. Never turn, if you miss the 'boom' just extend, regain height and go for another run. You are at risk only if you lose speed.
17) in landing approach keep speed to about 200 Kph and never go under 10% throttle (you may flame out)

hope it helps
He he when 262 is available it takes a 10mins or so for people on red side to start disconnecting.

262 is drive - by plane.
Just get your speed up even down low most pistons can't touch you....... and combined with other 262 they create undefeateable bunch of fast flying Mk108 armed aluminium.

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