Microsoft shut down Flight Sim team

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Dec 5, 2008
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Gotta love corporate thinking. The FS series may not have had record-breaking sales on thier new releases, but it has been a steady bread-winner for them for about 2 decades now.

The Corporate world never seems to look long-term.
That's really bad. What Evan said is true, its not a surprise. Even E.A laid off a thousand jobs last year, and the developer that created Sonic the Hedgehog games took away 500 jobs recently.

So, that's the end for the 20 year series I guess.
Sad to say it guys but that's the way it goes when a Recession/Depression shows up. And this one, looking like it's going to be pretty bad, is just getting started.

Most business types look at the cost of developing a game, look at the annual sales, figure the drop that is currently out there and forecast and that pretty much seals it. A game that may've ran at a profit in the last couple of years is now a loser. So it goes away. Same thing for plants, offices, projects, you name it.

Sorry to say but that's going to be common. Some games that are favorites, and shops that make the games, are going away in the next two to three years.

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