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Sad, I didn't realize that many of the post that I put up of the Red Army Choir that 62 members,basically all of them died in a plane crash in 2016 on their way to a show in Syria. I've been listening to them for years and always marveled at their vocal capabilities. Anyway just a heads up.
Thank you, Shin, that last is a powerful video ... it is of note that, in Canada, there is division of opinion between the emigre communities from Hong Kong and mainland China. This can't end well, I'm afraid, but it will be watched the world over.
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Yeesh umbrellas against batons and gas. Hope Hong Kong sorts this out, seams like alot of pent up emotions in that video...
Thanks MM and Torch for the comments.
Traditionally good or bad, the notion for "contract" is still dim in this area as a common tool to solve problems.
It does my heart good to see such .... thanks, Shin.

Last night, on KVN, I watched a documentary about Myanmar ... the country has signed a economic zone development agreement with China .... and the land seizures the farmers are experiencing by the developers are brutal and savage .... the zones are a good idea if done right .... but all this plan is part of China's 'Belt and Road' goal .... fortunately for the world, China will go broke soon ...and go into rehab for a while .... to kick the speed habit.
Meanwhile, displays of military proficency and alliance, like this video, send out a positive signal.
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Hong Kong protestors sing their song " Glory to Hong Kong (願榮光歸香港)".
I may be watching a sort of future guerrilla warfare.

PLA goes its way with confidence and freedom in its style.

A PLA soldier and his girl friend have a wedding in celebration by comrades.

Source: //
China's guided missile destroyer Taiyuan arrives in Yokosuka on October 10 ahead of Japan's international fleet review scheduled on the 14th but is now off Tokyo Bay together with other participant ships to evacuate from the coming typhoon Hagibis. The event is estimated to be taken place on schedule.

Course of the typhoon Hagibis hitting Tokyo

Source: 大型で非常に強い台風19号 50m/s超の暴風や記録的な大雨に厳重警戒
JMSDF's 12th Souryu-class submarine "Touryu" launched on November 6, 2019.


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