Mustang guncam

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May 21, 2005
I will like to show u this video from a p 51 camera which is shooting on a me-109, I got it from, and i think it is AMAZING :shock:


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Have you paid attention to the person saying it's a Bf-109? Thought not.

And he is pulling some impressive stuff, you can see the nose swinging like mad. I wonder who it was.
U are right, it is a fw-190, sorry I made a mistake.I will more carefull next time :oops:
Clear indeed, and this is other ;Me-262s blasted in ground.

Sad, those Messer dont even had a chance. :confused:


  • me-262_in_ground_1_417.avi
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Checking the last clip carefully I am surprized by the amount of Ju-87 that can be seen there, teorically most deployed in the East front area.

It may be used as decoy...?

And the Flak in this field....none.

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