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I have a couple of minor things to add. The inside hangars at Duxford shot, you show a Stearman (You said you think it is one). It is indeed a PT-17 Stearman.

In your old warden section you show the Ryan PT-22. There are more than 3 of them flying today, close to the range of 85 or so. I know of at least three that are seen regularly Southern California.

The 5 cylinder engine in the Old Warden collection looks like a Kinner, the engine used in the PT-22.

Just some things that I noticed, nothing major. I enjoyed the pictures!
Thank you for your feedback. I am trying to keep it simple but i will add backgrounds to the pages at a later date. I am just trying to get all the pages up and running for now.
Good pix!

May I make a suggestion? You make thumnails with links.... full size pix take some time to laod even with my DSL.

Inside the Hangers at old warden
change to
Inside the HangArs at Old Warden

I have a website with pix on it... well two actually, one on Tripod too. But I got fed up with doing it. Partly because of the effort, partly coz of the lack of Google finding it... and partly because of how good is...
Thank you all. I have made some corrections today to the site. I will do thumbnails sometime when i am not constantly uploading more pages. This idea started off as just some way of hosting all my images when someone said why dont i turn it into a website so i did.

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