Nazi newsreels released.

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    Newsreel films from occupied Norway will be released on the Internet this month.
    Most of the films were made on assignment from the National Socialist authorities for propaganda purposes. Quisling's role in the German occupation is toned down in the series, and he appears far less often than other members of the occupation government.

    Film historian Tore Helseth believes that one possible reason for this is that Quisling was so unpopular that he had very little propaganda value.

    "The most important thing was to give the impression that daily life was going along normally. The newsreels were only used to a limited degree to profile Vidkun Quisling as the Norwegian 'F├╝hrer'," Helseth said.

    Helseth has written commentaries to the 13 films from 1941 that will soon be available via the website

    The films date from August to Christmas 1941 and were used as shorts before feature films at cinemas.

    The National Library's branch in Mo i Rana is currently restoring the 1942 films, and this material will also be released on the Internet when it is complete.

    source ( Aftenposten )

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