Need help with identification.

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Oct 18, 2005
Hello. I found this forum through Google and I think you can help me.

I paint cars for the game Nascar Racing 2003 and I got a request that's leaving me a little stumbled. Said person wants his car to look like a WW2 P-51 Mustang (lovely aircraft might I add) and I need help with identifying something on the aircraft.

In the blue; the white circles. I assume they are for kills but I haven't been able to find a closeup of what they look like. I have attatched said picture he sent me so you can see it yourself.

I am hoping someone know of a closeup picture I can use for reference so I can recreate the circles.

Thank You.


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oh thank you thank you!! you've saved the day. Now I won't go crazy scouring 100's of google images.
Here is the final product. The scheme was based off the picture I attatched above.

Don't mind the area on the C-Pillar; it's an issue with the render.


wow thats cool. post a picture of the actual car once you have finished the work. im sure theres a few petro; heads on here that would be interested.
the lancaster kicks ass said:
why if you wanted it to look like a P-51 did you put the modern day USAF logo thing on?

And a pair of wings.
And a tail.
And a few machine guns.
Shit, forget the car just fit big slicks and taxi a P51 at speed.
You can eliminate the opposition with a 3 second burst before the first turn :rolleyes:
Need to fit larger rear wheel to raise the tail CC or you would have to snake down the track to see where you're going.
It would also help the laminar flow over the inverted wings and reduce drag :)

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