Need some help locating videos of dive bombers used at Midway

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May 10, 2006
Hello, I'm a Sophmore in highschool doing an end of the year project on, The Battle of Midway. Part of the project is to create a visual graphic to show the rest of school what your topic is about. I was thinking of doing a powerpoint for part of the project on some of the planes used at Midway and footage of dive-bombers. I remember seeing a lot of footage of gun-cameras on the Military Channel so I assumed videos would be easy to find. Surprisingly it's not.

So while surfing the web I came across this site, and I'm very impressed with the ammount of information you guys have put together. There are a lot of videos posted, and I can't download every single one. I was wondering if someone could recommend Gun-Camera footage of dive bombers attacking ships, or even ground targets like trains. The planes don't necessarily have to be Dauntlesses, infact almost any plane used in World War 2 would be fine.

Thanks a lot guys! And sorry if I can't reply, my school generally dosn't like students posting on web-forums...
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Sure. That's not an excuse anyway, they're hardly the prettiest tail on the planet.

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