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Jan 22, 2007
Just joined up a couple of days ago. A little about myself: I'm career military with 24 yrs so far. Loaded bombs on airplanes for 20 yrs, was a boom operator (inflt gas passer) for a year and a half until poor depth perception grounded me. Now I'm flying a desk. I draw for a hobby but would like to take it a step farther. Son of a WWII vet by the way...hence my interest in all things of that nature.
Howdy, Lyle, and welcome! All artwork is appreciated here!
Hey - anyone who handles bombs for 20 years and is around to talk about
it should have some good stories to share with us!
Thanks for the welcome folks. As for me still being around after hanging iron all of those years...Well, even a blind squirrel stumbles upon an acorn every now and then.:lol:
Very cool - I was into the Blackhawks years ago - Stan Makita, Dennis Hull, Pit Martin, Darcy Rota and Tony Esposito. I also enjoyed Dennis Savard when he played - I think he was one of the most under-rated players to ever play hockey...
Oh yeah! I know of those folks very well. Yes, Savard always contributed to the team in some way, shape or form. When he lost a step, he played with his head instead of his body. Espo...what more can you say!

I haven't posted anything here as of yet. I'm on some funky hours right now so I'm not at home for long. When I get a chance I'll throw a few on the forum for you all to critique. Thanks for the interest.

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