New Honda Accord commercial...AMAZING!

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
For those of you who like a little precision.

READ THE TEXT BEFORE YOU CLICK ON THE LINK. There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in the film. Everything you see really happened in real time exactly as you see it.

The film took 606 takes. On the first 605 takes, something, usually very minor, didn't work. They would then have to set the whole thing up again.

The crew spent weeks shooting night and day. By the time it was over, they were ready to change professions. The film cost six million dollars and took three months to complete, including full engineering of the sequence.

In addition, it's two minutes long, so every time Honda airs the film on British television, they're shelling out big bucks. However, it's fast becoming the most downloaded advertisement in Internet history.

Honda executives figure the ad will soon pay for itself simply in free viewings. (Honda isn't paying a dime to have you watch this commercial!).

When the ad was pitched to senior executives, they signed off on it immediately without any hesitation, including the costs.

There are six and only six hand-made Accords in the world. To the horror of Honda engineers, the filmmakers disassembled two of them to make the film.

Everything you see in the film (aside from the walls, floor, ramp and complete Honda Accord) are parts.

When the ad was shown to Honda executives, they liked it and commented on how amazing computer graphics have gotten. They fell off their chairs when they found out it was for real.

Oh, and about those funky windshield wipers. On the new Accords, the windshield wipers have water sensors and are designed to start doing their thing automatically as soon as they become wet.
That ads been running on and off for sometime in the UK Eric but its still very cleaver, I cant remember which motor first had the rain sensors I think it was either BMW or Volvo, but Im sure one of the car nuts on here will tell us. Its still a a neat idea. Good link
Although the way things are with GM at the moment I bet there's quite a few guys cursing the Japanese motor industry
I always thought it was a mixture of graphics and real, for example I think the wheels rolling up the slope and the speakers are graphics because I dont think there is enough momentum for the wheels to climb that angle and only the speaker cones centers should be moving. But I think the valves on the bonnet and the car rolling of the ramp are real, either way its very hard to tell if its real or not and its still very cleaver.
In that case I stand Corrected Eric, it just looked like the cones, coils frames where moving so I couldnt work out what they were using to push against as I thought speaker cones reciprocated within the frames.
I can understand what your saying about the wheels .
Amazing Isn't it Eric you've managed to get a thread about a commercial to last longer than some of the Aircraft topics imagine if it was a commercial for a Heinkel :lol:
is it new? cuz i watched in my high school physics class... it was last year...

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