Nice to meet you all...

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Lt. Z0mBe

Oct 10, 2006
Wise and Sagely Warbird Experten,

My name's Kenny. I'm a WWII warbird enthusiast. I also serve as (2LT) aircrew in the USAF AUX-CAP flying SAR, CD, and HS sorties. Low and slow is where we go. :)

At any rate, I stumbled upon this excellent resource for my other interest: Scale model building. If I'm not at the full time job, or in an aircraft, I'm building a model of one. :)

I'm sure I'll learn a lot from you all.

Welcome to the site.

I was in the CAP also about 10 years ago until I joined the Army and served as a Blackhawk crewmember. Got out of the Army though a few weeks ago.

Well anyhow, get a feel for the site and its members and hope you enjoy yourself here.
Hey welcome aboard Kenny. Name's Matt - I'm a 1stLt in the USMC, just finishing up primary and about to put in my wishlist for advanced flight training. See you around.
Welcome Kenny - I'm also CAP, not too active these days but when I was in California was very active - I was a wing Observer Examiner for a while, had about 50 missions under my belt. The wing got very political so I stopped participating.

Anyway welcome, look around, get familiar with the folks, we have some characters here....

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