Now THIS was an excellent find !

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Dec 6, 2005
North Delta BC
Ok so I've been cleaning up my basement and getting rid of stuff.
A number of years ago I was helping my ex sister inlaw move her Dad out of their family home, he's since deceased. He was a very interesting guy and very creative but a MAJOR pack rat. There was all kinds of stuff and most of it went to good will or the dump.
I found these under a huge pile of old lapidary magazines.








It's the front pages of the Vancouver Herald and the Vancouver Sun Dated May 7th 1945.
Wish I had the rest of the paper, very interesting to read from the perspective of the time !
That's exactly why I keep newspaper from significant events. So far I have news from 9/11, Afghanistan, Saddam Arrested........etc.......

Good finding! It has also a certain value, I believe.
Good find bustedwing. Interesting reading too I'm sure. I have a copy of the local paper from late June 1940 that was found at my old house in Aberdeen, it is really interesting reading (currently framed in the bathroom).
Very good find.

A couple of years ago I recieved from my Grandmother a couple of News Papers that belonged to my Grandfather. They are French Newspapers, One anouncing the fall of Paris and the other the French surrendure. Very very interesting news papers. I also own a couple of Yank News Papers from 1944 and I have several German Newspapers from between 1943 and 1945 from Berlin.

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