Old Buckenham air show, 2023

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The Mudry CAP 10's graceful display of aerobatics seemed rather tame after the blistering performance of the Pitts and, due to the dull conditions at the time, I only took a handful of shots, most of which were virtually silhouettes.
Because of the poor weather, and rapidly changing conditions, the show director had to quickly re-arrange the schedule, and the Yak trio were up next.

OlB 75.jpg
OlB 76.jpg
OlB 77.jpg
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Thanks chaps.
Shame that the weather was poor, otherwise I'm sure I could have done better.

Last year's show saw the World air show debut of an electric aircraft, the Velis, and this year was another "first", with two of these types doing their stuff.
They were so quiet, I reckon that half the spectators didn't know their was a display taking place !

Against an ever-darkening sky, a second Beech Staggerwing took off to form-up with Peter Kuypers, inbound from Duxford in his camouflaged example, with the orange triangle marking denoting a Dutch Squadron in the RAF.
Again, the poor light conditions lead to an abundance of "silhouette" shots, and the few shown here have been adjusted to try to improve them at least a little.

Back later with the Super Decathlon, the Eurofighter Typhoon, and some final odds and sods.

OlB 87.jpg
OlB 88.jpg
OlB 89.jpg
OlB 90.jpg
OlB 91.jpg
OlB 92.jpg
OlB 93.jpg
OlB 94.jpg
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OlB 99.jpg
Thanks Karl. I think you've got some better dynamic/atmospheric shots of the Typhoon, from what I saw on your camera.
I'll be posting my few reasonable shots of it next, but first, the Super Decathlon.

The Decathlon and Super Decathlon are more powerful versions of the earlier Citabria range of aircraft, a type I got to fly 30+ years ago, which was nice.
The Super Decathlon is fully aerobatic, and stressed to +6G /-5G.
This example showed what it could do, but again, the poor light made it blend into the cloudscape most of the time.

Eurofighter Typhoon coming next ................

OlB 100.jpg
OlB 101.jpg
OlB 102.jpg
OlB 103.jpg
OlB 104.jpg
OlB 105.jpg
The flying programme was supposed to end at 17.30 hrs, but by 15.45 hrs the weather on site was rapidly closing in, and the transit routes were already experiencing heavy rain and strong winds. Consequently, the show Director made the difficult (but correct) decision to close the show with the RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, which was holding off to the west.
In its striking livery, the Typhoon FGR 4 from Coningsby streaked in for its opening pass at 500 knots across a dull, damp background, before demonstrating its power and agility with a complex series of moves, the terrific noise shaking the ground around us. Young kids literally screamed in fright, and hid themselves, crying that they "Don't like it, I want to go home "!
Hell's teeth ! At that age I was jumping up and down with sheer excitement watching Meteors and Hunters - darned mamby pamby snowflake generation !

Anyway, I didn't do too well in the poor light conditions, mainly due to the fact that standing up was awkward and uncomfortable on the grass, and that bloke with the howitzer for a lens was in the way.
As mentioned in my previous post, from what I saw of Karl's pics on his camera, I think he got some better Typhoon pics than I did.

Just a few more odds and sods to come .............

Olb 106.jpg
OlB 107.jpg
OlB 108.jpg
OlB 109.jpg
OlB 110.jpg
OlB 111.jpg
OlB 112.jpg
OlB 113.jpg
OlB 114.jpg
So, due to weather conditions at the field, and the inbound/outbound routes, the show finished 90 minutes early, at 16.00 hrs, just before the rain arrived in style. Despite the number of cancelled slots, it was a great show, in a very relaxed and non-crowded atmosphere, and all credit to the organisers and helpers for the superb overall organisation, and the local Air Training Corps squadron, the latter doing a Sterling job of traffic management and marshalling etc.
We'll certainly be back there again next year, and hope the weather is better, and we'll make sure we get a spot on the front row, away from blokes with field artillery pieces for lenses ! (I use a 55-300mm zoom, and most of the time it was set between 150 to 200mm, so I guess howitzer man was photographing rivets !!).

I'll end my contribution with a few random odds and ends, and look forward to seeing Karl's pics.
Hope you've enjoyed these less than perfect pics, and I might be able to get some more aviation stuff during my next "Tin Tent Travels" in late August and September.

OlB 115.jpg
OlB 116.jpg
OlB 117.jpg
OlB 118.jpg
OlB 119.jpg
OlB 120.jpg
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