One o' the best drummers in the world

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He's got my vote as the best lead drummer in any band. However, I would not that Neil is very technical. He drums like a machine. Rush approaches their music a little strange...or at least they used to. Geddy and Alex write most of the music based upon Neil's lyrics (his english degree apparently is very effective for those not familiar with Rush's rather cerebral musings). My understanding is that Geddy and Alex make rather prolific use of a drum machine while formulating their music approach. Only when they have a rather mature first cut, do they then go back to Neil. I recall reading Neil making statements back to his bandmates of "I can't physically do that!" or "That's not possible!". For that to come from Neil, it is gospel. He is truly at the pinnacle of his game.

However, I do miss the old Rush (Moving Pictures and earlier).

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