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Private Chemtrail Disperser
Nov 8, 2004
I just wanted to reach out to everyone and let you know I basically have an open door policy. If anyone has an issue with how things are being done, or even with me, send me an IM and let's chat. I'm honestly not an asshole, and I am willing to talk and discuss things in a constructive and civil manner. I'm actually a pretty down to earth and level headed guy, but I'm human, and I'm not perfect.
Seriously, you can reach out to all of us. We are than willing to discuss any grievances our forum membership has, and hopefully reach an agreement. Hell it might improve the site and how we run it. Like I said we are human after all.
My own unsolicited 3cents (inflation): Over the years Chris and I have disagreed about much BUT - He has always been open and honest and most of all FAIR and CIVIL in all of our disagreements. Plus he actually hunted me down when I vanished to see if I was still on the greenside of the sod.
Be honest with yourselves and try to realize just what these Mods have to deal with possibly on a daily basis.
One would tend to think that CIVILITY itself would seldom if ever become an issue in an adult forum like this but alas and alack tis not the case. I'd love to discuss political issues with people outside the U.S. but it would unfortunately soon become a knock down drag-out brawl with hurt all around.
It is impossible to please everyone and you get zero thanks for trying.
So Chris: Lass nicht zu, dass die Bastarde dich runtermachen. Ich danke Ihnen für alles, was Sie hier tun

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