Oshkosh 2023 Photo Phile (2 Viewers)

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Jeff Hunt

1st Lieutenant
Jul 20, 2012
Guelph Ontario Canada
Good morning gentleman. This file, when completed, will have well over 200 aircraft represented so it will take a few months to get through. Many of the aircraft you have seen in previous files but this year produced many new to me and just plain old new restorations. I have finished going through my pictures putting them in numeric/alphabetic order based on ser# or civilian registration. This means as always, modern military aircraft will take up the next month or so. I have not edited the photos so some may be a bit dark, light or not straight. That is a job to do over the coming winter months.

This year's weather was challenging as forest fire smoke hung over the airfield for a good bit of the week that I was there. The haze was frustrating to say the least. Couple that with hot, humid weather and I am hopeful you will be forgiving.

On with the show as they say.



The Wisconsin National Guard put on an eight ship battlefield scenario that was one of the highlites of the week.



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