P-35, F3F-1, or F2A-3

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May 12, 2005
Which do you all think is the best of these 3: the Seversky P-35, Grumman F3F, or the Brewster F2A-3? :)
Twitch said:
Choose your coffin- each one is dead meat to any half way competitent pilot in an early war fighter.

Very True - the P-35 was slow and underarmed but very maneuvable and stable, actually a bad trait for a fighter. I'd take the Buffalo being faster and heavier at least the thing could dive and it had 4 .50s. It was not a fighter to fly in a dogfight and if you lost the ability to dive i think you would be dead meat.

The F3F actually had a 2750 fpm rate of climb, not bad for a bi-plane...
I'd go with the Buffalo, it was obsolete at the start of the war but that didn't stop the Finnish achieving some success in Europe. Plus the gallant attempt to defend Singapore against overwhelming odds by the men of the RAAF, RNZAF, RAF and NEIAF who achieved something like a 2:1 kill rate.
I think I would take the Buffalo, but only because of it's weapons. I would take the P-36 over all of them, given the choice.
Vassili Zaitzev said:
If you go one on one in a buffalo to a zero, your dead.

It depends on pilot skill and how you attempt to fight. If you stay in the vertical and not attempt to dogfight you might have a chance....
i thought is "spawned" the P-43 lancer that "Spawned" the P-47, anyways its still the same as what you meant

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