P-38 Mods

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Lightning Guy

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Apr 29, 2004
Here are some pictures of some of the ground attack modifications made to the P-38.


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The pic of the P-38 with bombs is the only one like it I have ever seen. It was supposed to have been a fairly common mod in the ETO and MTO.
Nice pictures LG! 8) I have seen that picture of the bomb arrangement several times before. The cockpit of the 75mm cannon Ground Attack one looks a bit like that of the Messerschmitt Me-410.
Did they ever get around to building a 75mm cannon equipped P-38?

I noticed the nosewheel lays on its side too. The Me-262 version with the 50mm cannon had to do that as well.
It was never built. As a matter of fact, Kelly Johnson wasn't even aware that the design had even been attempted until he was informed of it by author Warren Bodie.
So? Uknown model for P-38? Was wondering that first picture look like P-38L?
Yeah welcome back mate! 8) Everyone is making a comeback! ;)

That certainly appears to be an L yes Rafe, the chin radiators seem to give it away as the appear to be slightly narrower on the J and less prominent on earlier models...
Hi guys! It's been a while! :)

Thanks for the answer, Cheddar Cheese :)

BTW, You guys sigs are awesome. :)
Well, Where the heck I been? lol

I have been doing alot things (Like Sugery, College, Life) that kept me off the internet for little while and right now, I'm so back because I have alot good free time around here. So, It's good to be back, CC. :) Thanks for asking. :)
I have heard that someone hade a idea of suggest a modification to the P-38 by replace those 2 Allisons-engins whit Rolls-Royce instead. Like similare whit the P-51 Mustag whitc created a greate succesfull plane. But the idea of Rolls-Royce powered P-38 did never build, I wonder why they newer tested that idea and I also wonder what performance it could have. :rolleyes:
They did test the P-38 with Merlins, I think, but found the performance to not be greatly enhanced.
One way to find how the Merlin-powered P-38 could theoretical have performed is to look at the P-51 Mustang. The P-51 in early version had the Allison-engine and later it then convert whit the Merlin-engine, could someone tell what difference had those 2 version of Mustang have for performance. Would that help us give a hint of how Merlin-engined P-38 would be?
No because (don't quote me on this) I think the Allisons in the P-38 were super-charged, those on the P-51 were not. The Merlin was super-charged, two stage, I believe..that's why it was better.

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