P 38 restoration

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Apr 11, 2005
South East Queensland
I thought I'd share this photo I took of a P 38 under restoration at Parafield Airport in South Australia. I don't know the details about the aircraft, but seeing this bird is truly amazing! (I've never seen one before!!) I'll make sure that I'll post a picture when it's finally done (could be waiting awhile though).


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Those r some awesome pictures! Do u know where they got the P38? That was a great pic of the P51D! Those two have to be my favorite aircraft of WWII!


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Hi guys, This is P38H-5 42-66841 recovered from PNG and brought to the Classic jets fighter museum in Adelaide, South Australia. Unfortunately it's not being restored to flying condition but will make an excellent addition to the museum. Certainly a very rare aircraft to see in Australia. For more info and pics check out the museum's website at http://www.classicjets.com

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