P!mp my He 111

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Admiral Beez

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Oct 21, 2019
Toronto, Canada
How about the first jet powered torpedo bomber?

More realistically. I’d like to return to the He 111’s origins as a fast airliner. Keep the original set-back cockpit and streamlined nose, delete the armament and Luftwaffe kit, install a pair of Daimler-Benz DB 603 used on the Heinkel He 219. Fit it out in luxurious style.
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tomo pauk

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Apr 3, 2008
The 'He 111 lite' by the Tempest->Fury playbook:
Central wing section much reduced in span, so the outer wing sections are mounted close to the fuselage. Gets rid of the thickest part of the wing 'navigating' through the slipstream, combined with smaller wing area and span to give reduction in drag vs. the starting wing size. Yes, it will require that outer wing is reinforced for the engines and U/C installation, so starting with Bramo radials might be prudent. Make it instead of the Do 17 by 1938, doubling the bomb load vs. the Do 17, even if just the 8x 250kg bombs are carried.
Once that flies, up the engine choice (Jumo 211, basically).


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Mar 24, 2010
Plymouth and Basse Marche
Item One: train more pilots and navigators to a high standard.
Item Two: use excess Jumo 211s to power more He111s.
Item Three: abandon He 177.
Item Four: Stretch He111 for maritime and transport use.
Item Five: Magically fit Jumo 213s and delete defensive armament as an oversized Mosquito……

Admiral Beez

1st Lieutenant
Oct 21, 2019
Toronto, Canada
Let’s get the dual fish He 111 into earlier service, by early 1941. Send them out to engage KGV and Rodney off Brest.



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Jun 29, 2009
Central Florida Highlands
He 111 wit the new tail, that features the tail gunner manning two MG 17s; side gun posts are eliminated.
(I've butchered the He 111 side elevation by Kaboldy at Wikipedia)

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Probably easier than building a dorsal power turret. ;)
Germans took way too long to improve dorsal position on the He 111.

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