P38 crash vid clip - to show or not?

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Apr 6, 2005
I have just found an old VHS tape with a TV news item on the IWM Duxford P38 crash from 96.

Now, the question is do I make a clip and post it here?

It includes amateur footage of the P38 auguring in.

You know my feelings on this subject hence my enquiry before going ahead with making it.
Here is the video. I leave it up to you to decide whether to watch it or not.

It is a UK local TV report which includes amateur footage of the actual crash.

It pays tribute to a great flyer, Hoof Proudfoot, who will always be missed in the warbird fraternity and audience.

I will also post my video clips of when I saw the P38 arrive some months previous. This was the only time I had ever seen this machine aloft. It was a bad time for plane losses - must have been around then that we lost the UK's Mossie.


  • duxford-p38crash1_325.wmv
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it is a shame that we are loosing those irreplassable planes, not to mention the pilot, :(
Nonskimmer said:
Poor guy. :(
At least it's a good thing he didn't take out anyone on the ground, but what a shame anyway.

yeap. but managed to damage others planes , you can see some of them very damaged
Tragic. I suppose you have to expect it to some extent with these ageing aircraft. Even when maintained to perfection, they're old and without replacing every little bit with something new it's going to feel the effects.
While I was near the flightline there was quite a lot of activity - to my utter delight in the distance I could make out a pair of aircraft. At first all I could see was that one was a single engine and one could have been a twin-engine plane. A bit closer and I held my breath. Could it be? Could it really be the P38? A P38 and a Mustang? A bit closer and my hopes were confirmed.... two of Duxford's most exciting residents!

Now you can see what I saw ten years ago.

This is part one where the pair come in for a run and break. Then while the P38 is in the circuit the P51 does a nice aerobatic routine. Poor old me, didn't know what to point the camera at (again!). So I got the P51 zooming up and down while the P38 sneaked in and then had to swop subjects.

In a later clip you will see them trundling the P38 back to the hangar. Dunno why this one was not left out on the flightline alongside the P51 and Spits etc.


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The next clip shows the planes taxi-ing in. A bit higher res but there is still too much 'chopiness' around the movement which is a pain. Might upload a different version, maybe even the mpg but it will be a biggie!


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Last one for the night as I am tired and need my zeds.

Here we have the mighty P51 coming across the grass to join the warbird rank. Lovely sound!

Thought I would be generous with several vids tonite as Discovery Wings is worse than usual this week. So many repeats.... and now they are getting way beyond peripheral... since when did trains have 'wings'? Gawd, there are soooooo many plane vids around and they stuff the schedule with borrowings from the History Channel or some such.

Might put some non-plane vids up tomorrow night. Some nice crashes from F1 etc. a clip I got of Foo Fighters covering CCR's Born on the Bayou for the Hurricane Charity gig. Or maybe one of our local coevrs bands cranking out some Led Zep, AC-DC, Motorhead etc I enjoyed on Sunday. So much to show, so little time to upload.


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