P40 Colours

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Jun 13, 2007
Barrie, Ontario Canada
Hey all.

New to this forum and site. Excellent info here.
I've been searching for days for the proper camo scheme of the P40 Tomahawk in ETO for a Canadian Sqn around early 1941. This seems to be a hot topic and no-one has an answer for some reason. I always thought the P40 was Dark Grey/ Dark Green upper and a lighter grey underside like most other fighters. The referance photos I have for my squadron (400 Sqn) at that time are not clear. People on other sites mention various technical shades of DG/DE. Does this stand for Dark Green/Dark Earth OR Dark Grey/Dark earth. If you can provide the exact paint colours for top and bottom paints from different manufacturers (Tamiya,Modelmaster, etc) that would be great. If not, I was planning on heavily weathering the aircraft anyways, so I'll fake it.

I'm new to this whole computer thing.Didn't know that site existed.Great,Thanks for the info.

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