Panther V video

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I think that is the one at the Sinsheim Museum here in Germany. Here is a pic of it now that I took a few weeks ago at the Museum after it has been repainted and everything. It is fully functional and drove the Museum on its own power.


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I saw it a few weeks ago on Youtube and also a few other heavy German Tanks like a King Tiger, Jagdpather and a Stug that is operational.

Adler do you have some more pics of the Museum for us please?
Yes I can start a thread. Probably tomorrow. I am cooking my dinner for me and my wife right now and then we are going to Wurzberg to the Christmas market so I will try and post them tomorrow.
Wurzburg is an interesting city.

Festung Marienburg overlooking the place.

I hope Deradler gets a chance to look through the museum they have located in that fortress.
I have allready been to the museum syscom. This is not my first time going to Wurzberg. I only live about 45 minutes from Wurzberg and my wife goes to the University of Wurzberg.

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