Patch v4.101

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The most recent Team Daidalos patch for Il-2 1946 has been released in the last week.
It should fix several problems that were in the v4.10m patch.

Here is the bug fixes list they have in the 4.101 Official Release thread at the 1C forums. @ 1C said:
Dear IL-2 fans,

We would like to thank those who reported any 4.10 errors to us. Big thanks also goes to external beta testers for their cooperation. If you do find any 4.10/101 related issues, let us know.

As already stated by us, we will follow up in detail on the bomb arming delay in patch 4.11.

Thank you.

Daidalos Team

4.101 FIXES:

1. Problem with class compiling causes problems with online check runtime.

2. Finding a free space for plane spawning on carrier deck is overloading dedicated server too much which can cause temporary warping. No problem for normal player hosting.

3. "Data corrupt" error message appearing from some QMB missions.

4. Saved Quick Mission Files from 4.09m do not work correctly anymore when they are loaded.

5. Destroyed ships are reported as bridges at the stats page.

6. Transparent runways on tracks are visible with red tint.

7. Several issues with MDS recon (blue side recon planes not recognized, no AI planes available in recon planes list, all ground units are not indentified).

8. Entries for "Countries" in the home base MDS screen are not loaded correctly when mission is opened in FMB. Saving after this erases the countries list.

9. In dogfight missions, clients are not able to ground spawn from the test runways. The old narrow transparent runway should stays as airspawn only, but the two new transparent should be ground spawnable.

10. Fulmar unable to take off from ground airfields because of wrong tail wheel rotation.

11. Bf-109 G-6 Mk 108 cannons don't work.

12. Bf-109 G-6 Finnish version cannot use the Wfr.Gr.21 rockets.

13. S-80 torpedo boat rear gun alignment is invalid.

14. "Late" Mk13 Type91 torpedos are missing. Late variants were added to all those planes that carried the old "non-late" torp. except Swordfish torp was changed to British Mark XII.

15. Ju-88 with empty loadout causes exception.

16. AI planes on DF maps not flyable from external view.

17. Ju-88 A4-torp FM has dive brakes.

18. P.11 FM version is old.

19. Spitfire Mk.IXc 1942 - when 2x250lb bombs loadout selected, only one (left-side) bomb is shown under wings in loadout screen and in game.

20. Do-217 (both version) are missing one clip from right wing, so wingtip goes through ground.

21. Ghost landing gears on Hs 129 when it gets ripped away.

22. Wrong amount of ammo in Bf-109F-4 2xMG151 pods.

23. CW-21 cockpit warning lights not functioning. Added lights for following functions (up to down in panel):
-fuel pressure
-oil pressure
-fuel valve closed (lights when fuel is just about to ran out)
-low/poor mixture
-prop RPM low
-supercharger high
-flaps down
-gears up

24. Magnetic compass in Ju-87 pits show wrong value. Also the pits show the old black horizontal lines and red line in repeater compass.

25. Wind above 5m/s affects AI planes (fighters) spawning in a bad way.

26. Selecting the Enemy frequency from the communications menu results in the Friendly frequency being selected. That is, both the Enemy selection and the Friendly selection result in the radio being set to friendly.

27. Yak-9UT default loadout changed to 2X B-20 + NS-23. Additional 2X B-20 + NS-37 loadout added.

28. CantZ.1007 made more prone to fuel tank fire.

29. Magnetic compass in Arado jet is showing wrong indications.

30. Nav indicator (NDB) in TB-3 works opposite to red type indicators in all other soviet planes.

31. AI skins in MDS mission are not saved in NTRK.

32. Even with AI radio turned off in MDS scenarios, the ground control still uses radio during landing.

33. Java exception in DF mission when checking player's loadout. No effect on gameplay, just visible in log.

34. Hs 129 canopy doesn't close completely when jumping from external view to cockpit view just when the canopy is closing.

35. MDS aircraft limits cause problems for hosting player when homebase is out of aircrafts.

36. Yak-9B/D should not show homing instrument in realistic nav. mode.

37. Max distance to request runway lights should be bigger (increased to 10km).

38. N1K auto flaps bug, When turned On/Off/On fast switch to last position.

39. Me-163 Komet cannot take off under player's autopilot control.

40. Do 335 V13 repeater compass does not work correctly.

41. Ar-234 doesn't show anything in HUD when repeater compass heading is adjusted.

42. Player with autopilot on during takeoff will causes engine fire with certain jets. Autopilot slams the throttle(s) forward too fast.

43. Hs 129 bomb loadout with 250kg 2x50kg drops in wrong sequence.

44. Hs 129 compass rotates to wrong direction in the old nav mode.

45. Fixed Hs 129 pit disappearing engine instrument bug in certain damage conditions.

46. Players complain that hearing/understanding Morse code is too difficult. Added "learning mode" and ability to show Morse code as text conf.ini parameters to enable it.
Client side can enable this feature with ShowMorseAsText=1 (under GAME) and server side can disable this online with allowMorseAsText=0 (under NET)

47. Wrong emblems for 279 281 squadriglia.

48. Aiming point for the Bk3.7 on the Bf 110 G-2 is below the center of Revi circle.

49. He-111 gunners change to killed 3D mesh from the first hit. Appears as if dead gunners are shooting.

50. Some textures for Solomon maps appear as too bright.

51. Small texture bug in He-111H-12, Hs-129 and Do-217 skins. Missing nav lights.

52. I-15 cockpit has few wrong materials and old texture. Appears as dark spot around the tube sight window.

53. When Re-2000 bombs are released, they jump up a little before falling.

54. Wrong localization of He-111H-6 bombs (other languages than english).

55. No default skin folders or void skins for new spits.

56. Erg_JG26 has invalid gruppe number 5.

57. Glidepath of AAF IAS should be finetuned better to match typical runway length. Now the landing following instrument precisely falls short.

58. B-25 blind landing instrument should be much more sensitive in horizontal level. 3.5 dec for full deflection according to manual.

59. Various spelling mistakes in CW-21 cockpit.

60. No prop pitch HUD printout when changing pitch for engines. When engine #1 #2 pitch is mapped, only #2 shows the HUD text.

61. On the Ground Control page of the communications menu there is no customary blank line between the last option and the '0.Back' option.

62. He-111 H-2 H-6 top gunners use a part from H-12 which leaves a visible gap when zoomed out.

63. Static version of the old P-47 and new Spitfires missing.

64. "Torpedo failed to enter the water" message renamed to "Torpedo failed".

65. Typo in FMB Properties tab.

66. Solomons Aug 42 Map - wrong forrest tile in the ocean.

67. Wrong Spitfire Mk.Vc cockpit position. Also several Spit pits have bad texture mapping at canopy frame.

68. Bf-110G-2 external tail gun barrel is visible when in gunner's pit.

69. Dead R-5 gunner switching positions.

70. In french localized version, the prop pitch display is wrong. "Pas dhelice {0}%"

71. Ju-88A-17 D2 LOD bug.

72. Night is sometimes too dark and instruments cannot be seen very well.

73. Aligning GUI buttons on subsequent screens in QMB.

74. Smolensk map, QMB - "Smolenk" typo in Czech localization.

75. Slightly reduced maximum impact speed for Italian torpedo.

76. Radio communication (TAB commands) sometimes can also activate the key that is mapped to same numeric key that TAB command uses.

77. Bf-110G - the lights for the gear EIN/AUS are the wrong way around. (i.e. in wrong place).

78. AFN-2 gauge doesn't have a working night illumination on Stuka D and G versions.

79. D3A1 cockpit airspeed gauge shows wrong indications.

80. He-111 H-6 tail stinger changed to MG17.

81. Me-210 PaK40 changed to Bofors40.

82. Removed arming delay and safe jettison from certain weapons which didn't have fuzes.

83. Correction of Wind Table calculation.

84. Added missing DF gauge to A-20 pits and added material fix for A-20G artificial horizon gauge.

85. Fix for QMB old missions altitude.

86. Disabled beacon keys if realistic nav difficulty option is off.

87. Reworked the way G limit indicator is displayed in cockpit view.

88. Neutral AAA shooting at spawned planes in DS.

89. Changed Tempest speed gauge to show MPH units instead of knots.

90. Chocks on ground airfields causes jamming strange results if chocks are on and player fires guns.

91. Added few minor LOD, shadow mesh or other corrections for G.55, Seafire, Re-2002 Do217.

92. IAR-81 pit pressure gauge needle are at wrong positions.

93. Added better Re.2002 Cant Z.1007bis custom BMP skins.

94. EOFException visible in logs when playing older ntrk.

95. Added Italian Voice Pack. Credit goes to:

hVoice #1 Aeronautico
Voice #2 maxmars
Voice #3 Mapalm
Voice #4 #1AA#Cudgel
Voice #5 269GA~Luki
Voice #6 Sternjäger
Voice #7 269GA~Basola
Voice #8 Kiko
Voice #9 EnricoFLY

Special thanks to 150° Gruppo Aut. Caccia Terrestre (150GCT)

Known issues:
There are a handful of regiments which will be changed in 4.11 and will not work properly.
These are:
Stab/JG 1
Stab/JG 5
I./KG 4
Nahaufkl.Gr. 1
KGrzbV 5
KGrzbV 50
KGrzbV 40
KGrzbV 60
Escadrila 4 Recunoa?tere

Notice that some other regiments are not functional now because of the above, but will work after above regiments are internally renamed in 4.11.

Glad it worked. :thumbup:

The Next page is where you set up additional flights too. The original QMB had 8 flights of 4 possible whereas the new QMB can have 8 flights of 4 planes.


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